Why would Judge Berman go over Goodell’s head?

Because Goodell has no integrity and the judge knows that this whole mess was orchestrated by him and the crybaby teams who are just tired of getting destroyed by the Patriots. If you can’t beat ’em on the field, make up some b.s. off the field. They know ESPN will gobble it up and regurgitate it constantly on their sports “news” channel brainwashing the sheep and tarnishing the public image of one of the best football dynasties of all time. In the end it doesn’t matter what crap stories the commish, Mort and the sheep make up. BB and TFB will moonwalk into the hall of fame laughing at your manningface. The rest of you can remove your heads from your abused anuses and pound those asterisks where they belong.

Cue the haters!


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